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Croatia Regatta Events 2023

A list of Regattas and training events that Yachting Croatia can help you join

Here we list the best Croatia regatta events for the year ahead.
For each event we can organise entry into the race for your team. It will be an unforgettable experience.

Paiska Regatta 2023

Why choose the Paiska regatta?

Precisely because sailing has always been an adventure and a trip to the open sea of everything original in sports, the Paiska regatta is a chance to see and feel the actual sport, the picturesque town of Stari Grad, and the whole island Hvar up close.

Join the race

Paiska Regatta
The B2B-IN Regatta Event

Friday 28th- Sunday 30th of April 2023

If you want to organize a great B2B or team building event for your associates or partners, and enjoy it yourself without the hassle of having to plan and organise everything, then the Paiska Regatta with Yachting Croatia is the perfect solution.

It is conceived as a regatta that differently and creatively enables the interconnection and networking of successful companies and entrepreneurs through a sporting event such as sailing, which is still the sport of the spiritual elite. It allows you to enjoy fare-away from a consumer mentality to breathe fresh sea air and feel sports education and a healthy spirit.

Full Training Package

CLUBSWAN 36 Training Series
Corporate Regatta

Training camps

  • Crew, sailing, and fitness coach, fully planned itinerary for training strategy and tactics, case study explanations of common situations, mark rounding, boat preparation, crew positioning, boat and mast tuning, pre-start approach to the line, keeping the position, starting, upwind and downwind trim. Max and min wind tactics, post-race analysis and video footage, detailed rules, etc…
  • Plus: Accommodation, transportation, gourmet food, and hospitality team 24/7 disposal, bespoke service.
  • 4-day training camp: Available in March

    Exact dates and duration shall be determined per the client’s needs and yacht availability.

    *Detailed training plan can be sent on request
    *Detailed activities agenda can be sent on request
    *Pricelist available on request

  • 4-day ClubSwan 36 Warm-up regatta, 30th March – 2nd April

    Preparation for the Swan One Design racing league 2023
    with the rest of the contestants
CLUBSWAN 36 Training Series & Corporate Regatta Series 2023


Private regatta with education and networking.

  • 3 days of sailing with the simulation of a regatta race.
    The package is designed for 8 people and includes:
  • 1x ClubSwan 36 sailboat for each crew with trained sailors
    available for up to 6 people onboard of each of 6 ClubSwan 36 units available.
  • 1x Saba 50 yacht, as accompanying vessel with
    skipper available for 2 people onboard
  • Accompanying social content with the
    possibility of presenting your business

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