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Croatia Sailing Holidays for Families & Friends

Sunset on the Adriatic Coast.
Croatia Sailing Holiday for families

Sailing holidays for families and beginners

See the Croatian Islands by Yacht

Enjoy the beautiful Croatian Islands on a yachting holiday with a professional skipper at the helm who will navigate you safely and in comfort on the trip of your dreams.

Our skippers

Hire a fully qualified skipper

If there is no fully qualified skipper with a sailing license in your crew, hiring one is obligatory. We can provide one for you according to your wishes. All skippers are professionals, which means that they master their sailing boats 100% and have rich knowledge of the local waters and sea conditions.

Our skippers are fully certified and experienced when it comes to sailing the Croatian coastline and waters. Therefore, they can be your native guide covering the itinerary or the route you will be taking, what to visit and where to eat.

However, remember that weather and wind are the most important factors when sailing, so observe your boat master’s instructions at all times. They shall adapt the needs and wishes of the crew with regard to the weather conditions.

Our skippers know where to sail and will be responsible for their crew’s safety, so keep this in mind and respect their choice when the weather does not play along with the schedule.

Sailing in Croatia with a qualified skipper.