How to Choose the Best Yacht

For Your Sailing Holiday

Some useful tips and advice to ensure you choose the best yacht

It is not always easy to choose the best yacht for your family, friends and all the crew. So here is our guide to some things to think about in order to make your sailing holiday in Croatia the best experience possible.

Choose the right team and the right sailboat according to the number of cabins desired and the number of crew members

First, it is very important to know how many crew members will join you on your sailing trip.

Generally, charter boats have double cabins. This means you have to decide who will sleep in the same cabin. For couples this is not a problem, but avoid putting “enemies” in the same cabin.

Most of the sailing boats also include additional beds in the salon or living room, so this option may also be used (for at least two separate beds), but in an open undivided wider space.

Remember that space on a boat is confined. You may have to face and interact with others frequently, for example when sailing, cooking and through other activities, so choose your crew carefully. Invite good friends, active individuals who share the passion of sailing, swimming, fishing, paddle boarding, sunbathing, sightseeing, discovering new places and island bays, and more.

Larger ships (over 50 feet) also include a skipper cabin so that privacy is provided both for the crew members and for the skipper.

If there is no skipper with a sailing license in your crew, hiring a skipper is in this case obligatory. We can provide one for you according to your wishes. All skippers are professionals, which means that they master their sailing boats 100% and have rich knowledge of the local waters and sea conditions. They are experienced in knowing the entire Croatian coastline and waters, so they can be your native guide covering the itinerary or the route you will be taking, what to visit and where to eat. However, remember that weather and wind are the most important factors when sailing, so observe your boat master’s instructions at all times. They shall adapt the needs and wishes of the crew with regard to the weather conditions. They know where to sail and are responsible for their crew’s safety, so keep this in mind and respect their choice when the weather does not play along with the schedule.

For those who are not used to choose a sailing boat according to their personal requirements, here is some very helpful information about the different types of sailing boats we can offer, divided in 3 categories:

  • Comfort Charter Cruiser
  • Race Cruisers
  • Catamarans


Please Note for experienced sailors

For those who are already familiar with the main brands and types of boats, please note that you have the option to predefine your criteria on your booking request by activating the button in the “Choose your boat” section. We will make our best effort to find the best possible match for you.

Monohull types:

Charter Comfort Cruiser type: “The absolute sailing pleasure”

These boats are made for pure pleasure sailing. They are very comfortable and wide, and have a maximum comfort/space ratio both on board and on deck. The ergonomic deck is made for cruising with maximum space for sun bathing, having lunch or taking a swim whenever desired. With these sailing boats, sailing or learning to sail is easier because they are more stable and the main sails are what we call “furling” or “roll” – easy to roll out and roll in again. Sailboats of this type are therefore easier to use and safer for all members of the crew.

Charter Racing Cruiser type: “A compromise between performance and comfort”

These boats are more specially build for regattas and sporty sailors or those who want to experience sailing performance. They have a narrower body and a deeper draft, the main sails are “full batten” and you have to lift them up vertically to the top of the mast. These sails are also stiffer and more reactive, which makes the sailing boat reacting fast at each gust, but it is more difficult to sail and takes more time and effort to rig and to drop the sail. The level of comfort is generally high on the Racing Cruiser as well, but there is a compromise between the sporty character of the boat and its comfort. In this regard, not everything is arranged for absolute pleasure, it is more of a mix of comfort and performance. However, the things that you really need are at hand.

Catamarans: “Absolute stability and maximum comfort”

A catamaran is a special type of a boat consisting of two hulls joined by a frame. Sailing on catamarans has more recently become popular because of their stability, spaciousness and safety. With a catamaran, you can travel by sail or engine (there is one engine in each hull). Why charter catamarans are so popular is because they can be maneuvered easily and can anchor in very shallow waters. In addition, they offer much more privacy than any other type of boats due to their spaciousness. The panoramic view from the cockpit is wonderful. Catamarans are stable and they rarely heel (5 degrees at most), which makes them a great choice if you’re afraid of getting sea sick. When sailing on a catamaran, you can sit, eat, drink, walk or simply enjoy the view.

Here are some specifications:

– They rarely heel more than 5 degrees – offshore passages are less tiring, drinks and food stay on the table and there is less chance of getting seasick

– They include large, wide deck areas and a spacious salon providing 360-degree visibility

– They provide a higher level of privacy – separate hulls with separate cabins

In the high summer season in particular, sailing boats are generally rented on a weekly basis (Saturday to Saturday). In the off-season, however, we can plan a sailing trip outside of these times with some more flexibility. Do not hesitate to inquire in advance.

The basic package or transit log (sometimes called starting fee) is a fee for main services on board. Personal towel sets and bed sheets are always provided on board, there is a basic Wi-Fi of 5 GB minimum available and sailing boats very often include a coffee machine. Fuel and water tanks are always full (a sailing boat must be ready to sail). The main inventory has to be done at the check-in to ensure that everything is working properly before starting the sailing trip and handing over the boat to the client, the skipper and their crew.

The Caution or Deposit for a boat can vary according to its length.

  • Usually from 1000 to 2000 Euros.


The Caution or Deposit is insurance for the charter in case of damage caused by the customer.

After the check-out procedure and if the boat is in state the whole amount of the Deposit or Caution is fully refunded  to the customer.

The Deposit or Caution can be paid by credit card, cash or traveller checks.

Also note that some charters are offering to buy an insurance policy instead. The price may vary from 140-200 Euros, covering all damage but is not refundable.

Many departure bases offer a number of additional options or extras. Below you can check what kind of additional services or outdoor devices you can choose to take on your sailing trip.

* We recommend taking a by-boat or dinghy with a small outboard engine (if not already included in the Basic package or Transit log). A by-boat is very practical for reaching the shore at any time, when the sailboat is anchored.

  • Sails:
  • Safety:
    Railing net (Safety net) *free of charge with own attachment
    Self inflating life vest
  • Galley:
    Ice maker
  • Interior:
    Extra bedlinen 
  • Entertainment :
    Donut 2 pcs
    Kayak (2 seats)
    SEA-DOO underwater scooter
    SEA-DOO underwater scooter (for kids)
    Stand up paddle (SUP)
  • Other:
    • Beach towels    2 pcs.
    • Cook
    • Deposit insurance
    • Early boarding /Check in  – 13h
    • Final cleaning  – On request, comfort pack price –
    • Hostess
    • One way fee  – Kaštela- Dubrovnik (example could be from any departure base in Croatia), mooring fees in DU is not included in this price, check out until 14:00h
    • Parking  – Secure parking in Marina 
    • Permit for Montenegro
    • Pets on board  – (small and medium dogs up to 25kg)
    • Provisioning  – + invoice from the supermarket
    • Sail refreshment – Sundays
    • SUP, Sea doo, towables water fun
    • Skipper  – Payable directly to skipper
    • Transfer  – TAXI up to 5pax Airport Marina-Marina
    • Transfer  – TAXI 6 – 8 pax Airport Marina-Marina